Being Alt-right on a Dating Site

By R.F. 

The online dating world is a septic tank full of degeneracy, desperation, snobbery, and humiliation. Not to mention the old women who still delude themselves into believing they are in their 20s and think they can still be picky with their men, and they all seem to fall on the left side of the political spectrum. So if your Plenty of Fish headline is: “Could you be the highlight of my alt-right?” don’t be surprised when the only messages you get are from disgusting fat wombats who have no redeeming features whatsoever. You can’t fuck a bubbly personality. In the U.K. every woman I have come across on dating sites seems to be left wing. I’ve had messages that ask gobsmacked questions such as:
“Are you really a Brexit voting Trump supporter?”

It’s the kind of consternation you would expect to hear from someone asking if there are really inter-dimensional child molesters running the world. They think people like me are mythical beings they only hear about on the Internet and the news. My answer is always the same:

“Lol yes.”

Then I receive no reply, as they are probably too busy sweating intensely at such a beastly individual like me. They have lived in a bubble of beta male cucks for so long that when faced with such controversial alpha opinions they melt down into putrefied puddles of confused vitriol.

I foolishly engaged in a “debate” with a wench from London, 22 years old, about Donald Trump and why I support him. Over an hour of my life was wasted in this vain crusade trying to explain to her how she is wrong. Her comments quickly deteriorated into typical left wing insults like:

“You talk a load of bollocks”


“He’s vile, racist, sexist, and every other ‘ist’ that exists”

And my personal favourite:

“You’re just brainwashed, it’s a shame because I liked you.”

She told me she wasn’t in the mood for a debate, yet she was the one who instigated it. This is an archetypal reaction from the left, when faced with intelligence and passion they crumble and resort to childish mockery or just plainly give up with no shame, yet they still maintain the notion that they have won the debate. In my futile attempt to still get some pussy I explained that politics did not need to factor into our discussions. She signed off with:

“I’ll think about it but I don’t really want you near my child with those views.”

I signed off with:

“You have a child? LOL Goodbye.”

And that was that.

The online dating world seems to have changed since I had last traversed its decadent depths. There used to be a time when hooking up with some fairly attractive slag from Tinder or Plenty of Fish for a casual fuck was easy, but now it seems to be only the horrid hogs wanting to shag. Maybe it’s all due to my political attitudes changing, and the fact that I am very open about it. There is this moral high ground these left wing women take when it comes to fucking a Trump supporter, like it’s an abhorrent act of treason against their soul, like Trump has for real grabbed their pussy and nothing they do will ever scrub it clean. They do not care about the fact I voted Brexit, that doesn’t even process in their minds, they focus only on the Trump aspect, and as one wench said to me:

“If you support that monster then you obviously support Farage.”

It’s like you have known me your entire life darling, let’s get married and on our wedding night I’ll alternate between a Trump mask and a Farage mask and pummel you like Daddy’s little slut.



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