Miscreant Mammaries

By R.F.

As the great philosopher once said: “Women. Are. Dirty.”

And he couldn’t be more right, but women are not just dirty, they are crazy too, some more than others. Men who have been caught in the maelstrom of degenerate sexual insanity often affectionately refer to these women as “crazy pussy.” I am one of those men.

There is something quite endearing about a woman who is willing to suck her own menstrual blood off your cock, but in that moment when she smiled and I saw an almost brown blood clot on her lip, I knew this one suffered from deep seated issues. What made the situation more grotesque is that I went in for the kiss, despite that dreaded mass of coagulation on her mouth. In the heat of the moment you forgive such an act of sin, and the taste of copper in your saliva.

Crazy pussy, for all intents and purposes, is the best pussy, a damaged woman with no self worth knows how suck a dick because deep down they know they have nothing more to offer the world, but even though the sex may be out of this world, crazy pussy is not something you want to wed.

During my sexual exploits I like to throw out some weird requests, or set up weird scenarios, this is how you get to find out what the woman is really like. I asked one of my exes if I could sniff her asshole like a dog, she replied with yes. One night after a few drinks sitting around naked, she went to the toilet to relieve herself, I decided to surprise her by walking into the bathroom and pissing all over her while she was on the toilet. What ensued was a debased session of nasty sex that involved me sticking my nose into her asshole and sniffing it like a rabid hound.

Crazy pussy enjoys being humiliated, that is why they call us Daddy and let us defile them in ways that sometimes seem too pornographic. I have been with plenty of crazy women in my life, and will probably keep falling into their trap for another few years, they make you feel alive and young, the wild sex invigorates the soul and their low self esteem means you can do pretty much whatever you want to them, so long as it’s consensual. This makes you feel powerful, up until the point you empty your bollocks onto their chest.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to wife these women though; they will drag you into their depraved pit of depression and self-loathing. Falling in love with them is easy because their intense passion in the bedroom can ensnare any man, but the will to resist is a form of discipline that develops over time. They are free spirits doomed to float through life in a deluded haze. Their miscreant mammaries bring temporary happiness to those seeking some shameless adventures to fulfil their devious needs. They come in many guises but watch out for those who dye their hair diverse whacky colours on a regular basis, this is a clear sign of someone with a fickle nature and incessant daddy issues.

Whether it be them telling you they want to wear your skin, or curling into a ball midway through sex and talking about how their dad upsets them sometimes, you will never have a dull moment with crazy pussy, but ultimately marry someone who hasn’t eaten their own vomit off a guy’s dick.


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