The Cuck Tower: Because Fuck You

By R.F. 

Just as the Dark Tower is the nexus of the multiverse, so Hollywood is the nexus of the Cuckverse. It is said that two of the biggest killers of men are Heart Disease and Cancer. Hollywood is the number one killer of white men. Recently the Cuck Machine churned out the sour feminist cream known as Ghostbusters, a film designed to not only give the fans the big “fuck you,” but to also give white men a gargantuan fuck you, full of bitter girth. There seems to be this trend forming like fungi from the damp corners of unoriginality; the trend of gender swapping and race swapping for no other reason than “fuck you.” For a good many years I have been a big fan of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Saga and waiting for the film adaptation has been more grueling than going through testicular cancer.

Recently news has been sprouting from the Internet, tales of an adaptation finally coming to fruition, but instead of a film that will appeal to its very dedicated cult fan base, what we have a race swapped cuckfest. Why? Because “fuck you.” In brief The Dark Tower focuses on Roland, a gunslinger akin to Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name. He is very much like a medieval knight, except instead of a sword he carries two imposing six shooters. His quest in the novels is to reach the Dark Tower, the lynchpin of all existence, binding the multiverse together. In the novels (and comics) he is portrayed as a white man with striking blue eyes (his defining feature). He also has a companion, Jake, a white boy with blond hair and blue eyes. In the film adaptation Idris Elba has been cast as Roland and some unknown cast as Jake. Roland is a black male and Jake is a white boy with dark hair and dark eyes. Why? Why was there a sudden need to drastically alter the appearances of these characters? Because “fuck you”

Idris Elba is a fine actor, but this is not a role for him, in fact the studio has completely wasted the potential to hire an actor suited for the role. For me Scott Eastwood would have been perfect, considering Roland was inspired by his ProudBoy father Clint Eastwood. As for Jake’s casting I am not really fussed, but it seems suspicious that two characters from the novels, both white and with blue eyes, have been changed. There seems to be this blatant disregard for fans in the media today. The lesser man may accuse me of being a racist/sexist fool, but it’s not about race/sex per se, I don’t care if there are films with predominantly black or female casting, what I do care about are treasured sources of films or books with deep rooted fans being fucked with to try and force some cuckolded political and sycophantic agenda upon the people, and mainly the youth, because it’s the kids who absorb this bitter medicine, they are the ones who will grow up in a society where white men are openly humiliated and told they are worthless because of their “privilege.”

This is what Hollywood “fuck you” machine is doing, they are engaging in the systematic destruction of the straight white male. They are not striving for equality, as they would have you believe. Why else would there be films and TV shows constantly portraying white men as lesser members of the species when confronted with either a woman or black male? Because “fuck you.” That’s why.

The Dark Tower will be another example of Hollywood trying desperately to please the black masses while simultaneously putting forth the message that the white man is no longer relevant. Despite all I have written I still look forward to watching the film, out of interest more than anything. Stephen King is the reason I became a writer, but in more recent years I have had to separate the man from his work since he has proved himself to be one of them; the cucked. I lost major respect for him when he okayed the casting of Idris, stating that race was not important. How can he do that to his own child? A black man didn’t just fuck his wife; a black man fucked his child. He also stated he was given free rein to edit the script, yet did not write in bold letters across the front ROLAND IS NOT BLACK. Because “fuck you.”

It’s a shame, I’ll always respect his work, but I cannot abide his politics. The Cuck Tower is to be released on February 17th 2017, I highly recommend reading the novels.


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